1. Product Description: All these jewelry boxes are handmade using repurposed jewelry boxes. Each jewelry box may exhibit minor imperfections or flaws due to its handmade nature, adding to its unique charm and character.
  2. Payment:
    • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
    • Debit Cards
      • Free shipping, Jewelry box will be shipped out 2-4 business days after purchase using priority mail . If you need an item sooner please let me know. 
      • Tracking number will be sent to you via email once item has shipped within 24 hours

           4.Returns and Refunds: No refunds or returns accepted 

           6.Quality Control:

      • "Our one-of-a-kind item undergoes meticulous quality control to ensure excellence from creation to delivery. As each piece is unique, our quality assessment is conducted with utmost care and attention to detail, guaranteeing that your purchase meets our highest standards of craftsmanship and satisfaction."
        • If you need to contact me please go to the contact me page and I will respond to you there or you can reach out to me via email

             8.Intellectual Property:

        • "Intellectual Property: All designs, branding, and creative elements associated with our homemade items are the sole intellectual property of [thegreengoddesscreations]. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of our designs or branding without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. By purchasing our homemade items, you agree to respect our intellectual property rights and refrain from any activities that infringe upon them."


        • "Liability Disclaimer: While our homemade jewelry boxes are crafted with the utmost care and attention to quality, we must disclaim any liability for injuries or damages resulting from their use. Our jewelry boxes are intended for the storage and organization of jewelry and small items and are not designed for any other purpose. Any other use of our products is at the sole risk of the user. By purchasing and using our homemade jewelry boxes, you agree to release [thegreengoddesscreations] from any liability for injuries, damages, or losses incurred during the use of our products."

             10.Policy Updates:

        • We reserve the right to update our policy for handmade jewelry boxes as needed to reflect changes in our business practices, legal requirements, or other circumstances. Any updates or modifications to our policy will be communicated to customers through our website, email newsletters, or other appropriate channels. By continuing to purchase and use our handmade jewelry boxes after any policy updates, you acknowledge and agree to the revised terms and conditions.".

              11.Terms of Service:

        • By purchasing our handmade jewelry boxes, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.