About Me

"Originally, I was never an artist. I always told myself, 'Man, I wish I could draw or paint.' Then it happened. I started picking up the paintbrush and letting my imagination run wild. Who I was internally became free. One day, I decided to sign up for the art festival and display my art, so I did. While I was at this festival, there was something that I realized. I realized we were all there trying to showcase who we were as individuals, and we were all doing the same thing: painting on canvases.

After the art show and after taking some time to learn more about my painting style, I started looking for other ways to display my individuality. It finally hit me! I was going to start painting jewelry boxes for the joy of myself and others. I loved jewelry so much that my collection got bigger and bigger, and eventually, I said, 'Man, I need a bigger box.' So, I started creating custom/unique jewelry boxes that I loved, which has led me here today. I create custom/unique jewelry boxes for the whimsical eye. I absolutely love what I do, and I’m always coming up with ideas for designs in my head.